Relocations are resource intensive, disruptive and can be difficult without the right team managing your technology move. Truthfully technology is still delicate and requires expertise to ensure a successful move with minimal downtime.

When it comes to relocating your technology assets, trusting a moving company or even internal facilities creates challenges. How often have you had your internal support team spend hours trying to rectify an issue only to discover that the moving company installed the computer equipment incorrectly? Or have your internal teams work extensive hours moving equipment over a weekend and then not have the coverage you need to manage your business issues?

“Our former moving team did not understand technology. Honestly I cried many times after they moved equipment. Technology Team was a breath of fresh air! They understand how to effectively relocate technology with minimal to no issue.”

Vickie Wells, Project Coordinator, SW Region, Southwest Airlines

Rather than trust digital assets, and operational efficiency, to a team of non-technical people, choose a team with the experience, methodology and ability to move your technical resources effectively. Our team will:

  • Align with your internal team to ensure a well thought-out project plan.
  • Execute that plan with precision.
  • Troubleshoot and provide insights on issues before the user even sees it.
  • Minimize downtime by ensuring the technology is set-up properly.

Our clients choose us because we bring that expertise along with a proven track record. In addition, we have a flexible model that allows for those last minute adjustments or cancellations, so you have the coverage you need, when you need it. Contact us for a technology relocation analysis to learn how Technology Team can effectively support your relocation efforts.