Moving a few computers between departments or adding a couple of new hires is a simple enough task. But when it comes to moving entire departments to new buildings, or adding a large number of team members, that move increases in complexity, requiring a level of expertise that most organizations simply do not have within their own departments. And certainly not the level of expertise you can find with a typical box/crate moving company.

“I’ve used other companies and never has there been a relocation this smooth.”

Ed Chase, Xerox

Beyond the moving of personal computers are those mission-critical technology assets that you simply cannot trust to anyone. Network operations centers, server rooms, large specialized equipment systems such as dispatch solutions all require a team that understands the complexity of the systems, the logistics of moving equipment on a large scale, and experience to ensure successful deployments.

Our team has thousands of hours in large scale deployments for both personal computers and mission-critical deployments. In fact, our team has worked with the manufacturers of mission-critical equipment to perform their moves for their clients. Why? Because we have the skills required to be very effective.

Large-scale deployments are a core competency, giving us efficiencies and expertise to ensure your project is managed and executed successfully. Regardless of the size or type of technology, our experience in managing the logistical complexities of large scale deployments will serve you well. Contact us to learn more about our approach.