Are you confident your data center relocation will occur with minimal downtime? Relocating data centers, whether across town or across country, require logistical precision and expert planning. Regardless of the level of redundancy, there is a strong need to minimize downtime and reduce IT department overload.

Our survey of hundreds of Fortune 500 CFOs and CIOs revealed that 78% wanted to minimize downtime when moving their data center. Our methodology uses a phased approach that:

  • Minimizes downtime
  • Ensures equipment arrives safely
  • Cuts unforeseen expenses
  • Manages delivery of assets in a priority order

“If your company has equipment to move, go with a partner that gives you the trust and confidence to do the job well. I use and recommend Technology Team.”

Mike Stinson, DataSpan

We work with internal team members to coordinate outside vendors, perform connection and elevation mapping, and installation and cabling needs. Our clients appreciate our attention to detail from the major logistical operations to keeping the cabling organized. Our entire data center relocation plan is focused on your primary objective – to minimize downtime.

Our team has experience in the most efficient method to transport data center equipment while ensuring that it will respond quickly in the new location so you can get back to business. To learn more about our proprietary data center relocation methodology, please contact us.