2017 Technology Trends


In reading the article, 6 Technology Trends to Watch in 2017 , Dan Hushon, CTO of CSC  says “Business as we know it is about to get a lot more interesting.”

One of his predictions is “Reconfiguring the Enterprises for the 21st Century”.

For Enterprise companies, Hushon says “Its going to be about embracing agile principles that allow for shifting priorities, empowering employees with “small-team” mentalities that drive innovation, and using data to put the right information at the right time in front of every single employee.”

Over the years one of the comments we at Technology Team hear over and over again is “We are flexible”.  I believe it is because we are a small business, happy to serve our clients.  Small business can turn and adapt on a dime, but large business is like turning a freight train.  There are so many working parts (or people) and decision makers are not always available.

During a Data Center Relocation it is imperative for us to be flexible.  There are numerous situations that can cause delays; services may not be delivered in time, networks may not be ready, even the building may be delayed.

Desktop relocations have delays of their own.  They can be users, movers or furniture not being ready, just to name a few.

Our number one concern is to deliver the project on time and we do everything in our power to make it happen.  We allow our Lead Supervisors to make decisions and management backs them up.  This helps us stay agile.

With that, let’s jump – with both feet – in to a successful, innovative 2017.   What new innovations are you embracing for 2017?  How agile is your company?

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