Team Building – what a dilemma


When I listen to people talk about team building, I am in awe of the various ways, methods and approaches that are expounded.  I come from the school of “KISS” (keep it simple sir) so all those messages get convoluted, complex, political or just plain unattainable.   When I asked our team of technicians that work for me in the field, “how are we doing working as a team?” I was pleasantly pleased to hear from them a resounding “Great”.   I then asked the age old question “Why are you saying ‘Great’?” and here are some of the answers I received:

“Our ideas are heard and discussed as a group”

“We are empowered to make decisions”

“Everyone has each other’s back”

“We are allowed to do our work without being hindered or judged”

Now, it can be said that our goal is well defined, or that the task at hand is simple to accomplish or even that there aren’t any politics in the field.  I think all the above are true to some degree but the main philosophy of our company regards the development of teams where “everyone leads with their strengths. “   Yes, we have a goal for customer satisfaction but we attain that in a much different manner; we strive to be the best-of-the–best.  Most employees are satisfied with doing “a good job,” while we see that verbiage as a mediocre.  We want our employees coming off of a job to say they did “a great job.”  The difference is subtle, but powerful considering what is accomplished.  As we progress through the work, the team recognizes markers to illustrate how well they performed and this feedback is then shared so adjustments can be made.  I think this addresses the “everyone has each other’s back” statement.  Somehow I sleep better at night as an owner and as a leader when I know someone “has the company’s back.”

These are just some of my thoughts on how team operates with us. What are your thoughts on developing an effective team?

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